How to Search

By design, Information Builders Technical Content Search enables you to configure a precise search to quickly find the content you need to be successful. It is powered by WebFOCUS Magnify, which offers two sets of filters that you can combine to quickly configure a Search statement:

The default collection is All Technical Content.

Best Practice: We recommend using the Results page filters or selecting a specific collection from the drop-down list, or a combination of both, to find the most relevant search results.

Advanced Search

You can use basic search operators to construct an Advanced Search statement:

Find results: Use Example
with ALL of the words AND (case sensitive) charts AND maps
with the EXACT PHRASE Double quotation marks ("search term")

Note: Search for two or more keywords that must appear together in results
"chart type"
"active reports"
"server login" password
with ANY of the words OR (case sensitive) charts OR maps

You can add standard search syntax symbols to strengthen your search:

Find results: Use Example
using clauses Parenthesis ( ) to group sets of clauses and narrow your search (active reports OR (InfoAssist AND Portal)) NOT ReportCaster
staring with this prefix Asterisk (*) as a wildcard character

Note: You cannot use an asterisk or question mark as the first character of a search string.

*base - not valid
with keywords that MUST appear Plus sign (+)

Note: The + sign needs to precede the word that MUST appear in the results
+active reports
metatags +xml
that exclude these keywords Minus sign (-)

Note: The - sign needs to precede the word that you want to EXCLUDE from the results
active -reports
style sheets -cascading
that include words with similar spellings Tilde (~) after the keyword color~

More Search Tips